Invitation for the Sponsorship of the Event Title of the 60th Macau Grand Prix -- Announcement

The Macau Grand Prix Committee is pleased to invite all interested entities for the sponsorship of the Event Title of the 60thMacau Grand Prix, to submit a proposal.

Sponsorship Procedure:

The hereby sponsorship procedure, including the program of the invitation for the sponsorship and all the related documents, are available at the Macau Grand Prix Committee located at No. 207, Av. da Amizade, Edif. do Grande Prémio, Macau, 1st floor, where the hereby selection will take place. The sponsorship procedure can be examined during office hours of the working days and copies of the same can be collected from the date of the publication of this announcement until the 17th April, 2013.

Condition of Admission:

Entities with headquarters in Macau.

Criteria of selection:

The selection of the sponsorship proposal will be awarded with the highest sponsorship fee.

Deadline and location for submission of the proposal:

Macau Grand Prix Committee, until 17:45  of the 17th April, 2013.

Explanation Meeting: will be held at 16:00 on 22nd March, 2013, at the 1st floor, Room 104 of the Macau Grand Prix Building.

Time, Date and Location of public opening:

Location: Macau Grand Prix Committee

Date and Time:  18th April, 2013, at 11:00.

The bidders shall attend the opening of the sponsorship proposals in order submit any complaints and/or explain any doubts regarding their respective proposals.


For any enquiries, regarding the hereby sponsorship invitation, please contact the Macau Grand Prix Committee through the following telephone numbers: 87962242 or 87962210.

Macau Grand Prix Committee, 14th March, 2013.

João Manuel Costa Antunes